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Media Coverage
The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN): "On Wednesday, Rev. Bill Owens, founder of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, announced the launch of 'Mission: Education,' an initiative he and other ministers feel is necessary to save struggling students and schools and take some burden off of teachers..."
April 14, 2011 Read More Here.
ABC NEWS 24 (Memphis, TN): "It's said, it takes a village to raise a child, that's the thought behind Mission: Education. Co-founder, Reverend Bill Owens says, 'Many of these children don't even have one family, they don't have a family at home. So I'm saying the church must pick up the slack and minister to the needs of the people..."
April 13, 2011 Read More Here.
Faith in Memphis (Memphis, TN): "The church has always been the cornerstone of a community.  Mission: Education will primarily focus on the churches in the community, and through them, engage more families. Pastors will lead the charge and send outreach advocates two-by-two into the community to reach out to families and their children..."
April 13, 2011 Read More Here.
My Fox Memphis (Memphis, TN): "Memphis Mayor A C Wharton got another big endorsement for his re-election campaign Monday afternoon. The group "Education for All" is putting its support behind the mayor, but it is not your typical endorsement for a candidate..."
October 3, 2011 Read More Here.